Powerful system.
All online.
No apps to install.

An introduction to the Cadenzify platform.

Digital music.

Music is better together.

Cadenzify is a music collaboration platform that helps virtual choirs & other music ensembles  perform together while staying remote.

Directors and performers easily collaborate on projects without having to worry about sending around video files or synchronizing audio.

The Cadenzify platform is your virtual choir hall.

Cadenzify Platform Interface 3.


You Assign

Assign & distribute music to your members entirely online with Cadenzify. 

To create a Gig, you’ll only need 3 things:

  1. A list of members
  2. Sheet music for them to read
  3. A ‘backing track’ mp3 for them to sing along with

Upload these files into your Gig Manager, and you’ll be on your way.

No more paper copies. No more emails or Google Drive folders — with Cadenzify, it’s that simple.

Sit back and wait for your members to complete Step 2.


They Record

Your members record their part at home, singing along with your backing track.

As they practice and record their parts, your choir members will listen the backing track you provided.

As they perform their part, the backing track helps members feel (and hear) that they’re part of a larger choir ensemble.

Singing solo has its place. But Cadenzify helps bring ensembles together — remotely.

Cadenzify Student View - Recrod Mode.
Cadenzify Platform Interface 1.


We Organize

When your members are ready, they’ll submit their recording — we’ll handle the rest.

Choir members submit their recordings with one click. Their recorded files will be uploaded and submitted to you — automatically.

You’ll get a notification each time a member submits a new recording, and all their files are tracked in one place.

It doesn’t get easier than this.

Separate recordings.
One performance.

Listen to each member solo, everyone merged together, or anywhere in between — in only a few seconds.

With Cadenzify, you can hear your whole choir sing together — even if you started with 100 separate recordings.

Our platform will automatically ‘mix down’ audio and video recordings into single playback files.

Quickly combine recordings by section or full ensemble, and share them with members so they can hear themselves sing together.

Cadenzify Laptop Screen.

No Downloads

Cadenzify runs in a web browser on Mac, PC, and Chromebook — No downloads or extensions required.

Simple for members to run on their computer, with no software to download or install.

What do you want to create?

Trusted by Educators

Cadenzify is built with teachers and arts directors in mind—and it shows. The educators and directors at these programs trust Cadenzify to help their groups rehearse and perform.